Orchid Desktop Occupational Health Software

Orchid Desktop is our Occupational Health software package which installs on Windows PCs and servers.

Orchid Desktop is one of the leading Occupational Health computer systems in the UK. The system allows recording and planning of every aspect of an Occ Health departments work. Later, comprehensive management reports can be produced.

This page describes Orchid Desktop, the version which installs as a normal desktop program on your PC. If you are looking for our completely online (“cloud-based”) version, please see OrchidLive.com.

Why choose Orchid Desktop?


We are easily the most competitively priced OH software. Contact us for a personalised quote, or we will beat any quote from another supplier.


Orchid Desktop has been designed with occupational health professionals for occupational health professionals.


Orchid Desktop is easy to use and completely flexible. That’s why we encourage you to download and try our free version.


Orchid Desktop comes complete, not divided into “modules”. You simply turn off the parts you don’t need.



Secure login with usernames and password, plus an audit trail kept of every change made in the database. Ability to integrate with Active Directory for added security. The optional web interface is also password-protected, IP-filtered, and can run over SSL.

Single or multi-user

If you wish to start small, we can upgrade your copy of Orchid Desktop from single to multi-user easily. You can also transfer data to access it off-site.

Web access

You can access the same records kept in Orchid Desktop from anywhere using our optional web interface. There is no need to choose whether to go ‘all web’ or ‘all PC’ as some of our competitors do. It’s just as secure, and features the same great interface we use on our separate online service, OrchidLive.com.

Help and support

Orchid Desktop comes with help and documentation, together with a printed manual. We include telephone and e-mail support.

Audiometer integration

Orchid Desktop can connect to your audiometers, and download tests automatically. Contact us to see if yours is compatible. Current links include brands such as ASRA, Amplivox, Kamplex, Bilsom, etc.

Spirometer integration

Orchid Desktop links up with Vitalograph’s Spirotrac software and Micro Medical’s SPIDA 5 software to import spirometry results and graphs.

Personnel data

Download personnel information directly from other office systems to save time entering names and addresses, etc. Orchid Desktop handles new starters and leavers automatically, and can be set to download this data on a schedule.


Screenings include Respiratory, Skin, Laboratory, Driving, Food Handling, Clinical, Vision, Audio, General, HAVS, Night Shift Workers as well as allowing the user to create their own specific Surveillance screenings.

Digital storage

Store scanned forms, GP letters, images, and so on, within the employees record.


Full immunisation tracking, and you can create your own immunisation schedules. Full batch-tracking system also included.

Sickness absence

Orchid Desktop can track employee sickness, allowing the OH nurse to record events such as telephone calls, visits, etc., to fully track what the company does during an employee’s absence. Detailed reports on sickness levels are available including Bradford Scores.

Incident management

Orchid Desktop enables the safety team to track all incidents by employee, department, location or contract. Detailed reports on incident handling are available.

Pre-Employment recording

Orchid Desktop also does pre-placement screenings. Automatic production of completed fit-slips is available, together with the ability to scan in the completed health questionnaire to store in the employees record.

Management referrals

A complete referral management and tracking system is included in Orchid Desktop. Outline the reason seen together with the current status of the referral, and action members of staff to move the referral on. Detailed reporting is available on all referrals by location or contract.


Orchid Desktop allows entry of a complete history of the employee, including family medical history, employment history and medical history.

Time recording

Individual time recording and analysis. Detailed reports analyse time spent by contract, location or activity.

Activity recording

Departmental and individual activity recording. Orchid Desktop automatically creates a ‘daily Log’ of all activity on the system. This allows detailed analysis of activities for a period by staff, activity and location/contract.


Run single or multiple contracts on the same Orchid Desktop system. Limit users to specific contracts. Allow managers to login to a web page to see details of their referrals, sickness, etc.

Batch letters / mail-merge

Prepare Letters for batch processing later on.


Dozens of comprehensive reports are included. Preview the data live on your screen before printing, exporting or emailing by PDF. Sort by any column on screen.

Word® integration

Orchid Desktop links to Microsoft Word to write letters automatically. You can perform mail merges from Orchid Desktop data.

Excel® Integration

Export data to Microsoft Excel for analysis. You can even create graphs in Excel by a single key-press in Orchid Desktop.


Set up reminders for yourself or others, prompting actions to be taken by a specific date.

No “Modules”

All users have access to all parts of Orchid Desktop. Each user can turn off sections they don’t need. This means you can tailor the system for each user and decide what each user can access. If their job role changes, turning on new sections is just a mouse click away.


Orchid Desktop has an internal diary system. You can create as many diaries as you wish. Users can choose which diaries they use and the others are hidden until needed.

SMS appointment reminders

Orchid Desktop has the ability to send an SMS text message to remind clients of appointments.

Support and development

Receive support directly from us at CHI, and not through a third party reseller. We also give paid customers development time to customise Orchid Desktop exactly to their requirements.

Try Orchid Desktop for free

Download a free, fully-working version of Orchid Desktop.

System requirements

  • Microsoft Windows 98, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, or 8


When installed, log in with:

  • Username nurse2
  • Password nurse2

Is the free version limited?

It is only limited to logging in as a single user and recording details of 250 employees. If you like it, and want to record more than 250 employees, or have more than one user logging in, you can upgrade at any time.


Orchid Desktop can be licensed in different ways to suit your size and budget.

Free license One user may store up to 250 employees. See above to download and start using it today.
Unlimited license This is the full professional version of Orchid Desktop. There are no limitations on the number of employees you can record. Buy one license for each concurrent logged-in user. An optional web interface is also available. Contact us for pricing information.

How to get Orchid Desktop

Download it

If you only need to record less than 250 employees, download and install the free version right now.

No-obligation quote

Contact us for a quote. Tell us:

  • How many employees you wish to record
  • How many users you need to access the system at one time
  • How many buildings or sites in which you need it installed
  • Whether you want the optional web interface
  • Whether you want a training session

If you’re not sure of any of the above, don’t worry, we’ll give you an estimate or send you a price list instead. Contact us.

On-site demos

If you’re based in the UK or Ireland, we’re often happy to give an on-site demonstration. Call us on 0191 338 8852 (or +44 191 338 8852 from abroad) to make arrangements.


We’re happy to take part in a tendering process. Call us on 0191 338 8852 (or +44 191 338 8852 from outside the UK) to discuss your needs, and/or e-mail your tender document to .

Technical requirements

Orchid Desktop can run on a single Windows PC, or on several PCs from a central Windows-based server. We can install it and get you up and running, or we can show your IT department what to do. If you want us to talk to your IT department, pass our number to them 0191 338 8852 (or +44 191 338 8852 from outside the UK).


We also have a fully-online version

OrchidLive.com is our separate fully online version where all your records are stored securely on the web, “in the cloud”. See learn more or try it for free.