CHIPS: Assets

CHIPS: Assets — Professional Police and Security Asset Tracking


All records kept securely with PIN and password-protection.


Includes everything you would need or want.

Easy to Use

Designed by police officers, for police officers.


Import data from other programs.


Clear, easy-to-use screens with keyboard shortcuts.

Links to Microsoft Office

Export assets records straight into Excel.


A full audit trail records who does what on the system.


Switch off features you don’t need.

CHIPS: Assets is for the issuing and control of assets, everything from vehicles to lamps.

Never lose track of any equipment again with CHIPS: Assets. Keep track of what assets you have, who has them, who has had them in the past, and where they are now.

Book in, book out and control

Issue items to particular officers, complete with records of when they received them and for what purpose. Control where assets are, and who is entitled to have them.

Serial numbers

CHIPS: Assets makes use of serial numbers, where applicable. You may also book in or out items using a barcode scanner or RFID reader for quickness.

Standard Issues

If there is a selection of kit which is standard for certain operations, don’t waste time booking them all out one-by-one. Create lists of Standard Issues to book them all out in one go to a particular officer.


If an asset needs to be disposed of, record when, where, and how it was disposed.

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