CHIPS: Dogs — Professional Dogs Section Software


All records kept securely with PIN and password-protection.


Includes everything you would need or want.

Easy to Use

Designed by police officers, for police officers.


Import data from other programs.


Clear, easy-to-use screens with keyboard shortcuts.

Links to Microsoft Office

Export dogs records straight into Excel.


A full audit trail records who does what on the system.


Switch off features you don’t need.

CHIPS: Dogs is for tracking and managing both police dogs and their handlers.

Used by dog sections in the UK and abroad, CHIPS: Dogs stores complete records for dogs and their activities, plus handler records.

Full dog record

All aspects of the dog’s life are recorded, including inoculations, bites, and licenses issued or expired.


Quickly see the operational costs of a dog using our report sheets. These show food costs per month, vet’s bills, and more.

Dog training and history

Quickly see if a dog is qualified for a particular routine. A full record of the results and costs of all training and assessments are also stored.

Handler records

See at a glance who with what skills is available in any one area. Contact details for each handler, as well as their qualifications and skills, are also quickly found.

Dog bites

Detailed records of any bits can be stored, showing injuries and reports by all levels of staff.

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