CHIPS: Firearms

CHIPS: Firearms. Professional Armoury Management and Tracking.


All records kept securely with PIN and password-protection.


Includes everything needed to manage your armoury.

Easy to Use

Designed by police officers for police officers.


Import data from other programs.


Clear, easy-to-use screens and powerful reporting function.

Links to Microsoft Office

Export records straight into Excel.


A full audit trail records who does what on the system.


CHIPS firearms can be tailored to suit individual user needs.

One of the UK’s most popular police applications. Designed to manage your entire armoury including firearms, ammunition and other assets.

Monitor and record all aspects of your armoury including firearms details, servicing and weapon issuing, as well as ammunition records - all with an easy to use application which has been designed by police officers for police officers.

Who had which weapon on which date?

CHIPS: Firearms lets you easily keep track of which officer had which weapon on which date. You may also easily record how many rounds have been fired (if any), and how many times a weapon has been tested.

Email notifications

Tailored automatic emails are sent from the system. All key events can be added including expired/expiring authorisations, low ammo stock levels, overdue weapons etc.

Control who gets what

Full user authorisation is included, giving full control over who can be issued specific weapons. Warnings for particular officers can also be shown.

Barcode and RFID scanning

This allows you to quickly record and scan in/out any firearm with a barcode or RFID tag. This means less data entry, and quicker, more accurate movements of weapons.

Keep track of repairs

Easily keep track of which weapons are under repair or awaiting repair. You may also see a full service history of each weapon, including which parts have been replaced.

Sections Include

Weapon inventory, book weapon in/out, weapon servicing, ammunition, spare parts, lodged weapons, assets, officer details including authorisations, reports.


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Try CHIPS: Firearms for free

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CHIPS: Training

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