CHIPS: Training

CHIPS: Training — Professional Police Training Software


All records kept securely with PIN and password-protection.


Includes everything you would need or want.

Easy to Use

Designed by police officers, for police officers.


Import data from other programs.


Clear, easy-to-use screens with keyboard shortcuts.

Links to Microsoft Office

Export training records straight into Excel.


A full audit trail records who does what on the system.


Switch off features you don’t need.

CHIPS: Training is used to record police firearms training records.

It can record details of any training they have attended. Full course details are stored such as location, course period and instructors. Full course results are recorded. Courses can be linked to authorisations and the successful completion of a course will automatically update any authorisations linked to the course. Safety records and physical test results may also be recorded.

NPFTC Compliant

CHIPS training incorporates the NPFTC (National Police Firearms Training Curriculum), including its structure of modules, units, and outcomes. The system automatically flags officers with expired modules and email alerts are automatically sent to relevant personnel. Full NPFTC details can be recorded including learning objectives. Courses can be marked at a module or learning objective level with a full history being retained for each officer that can be viewed on screen or printed out as part of a full officer history.

Bulk Update

Have a large number of officers just completed training? There is no need to spend forever entering all their data. Our bulk update feature can update a large number of records at once.


Authorisations such as AFO status are recorded, and can be withdrawn or reinstated at any time. Colour-coding make it easy to see who is authorised and who is not.

Other Courses

You can record any kind of training, along with expiry dates. All of this can be customised to your particular force.


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